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My Special Friend
Celebration of the similarities and differences among people, organizing skills and writing skills.

Print-out of the "special friend" page, imagination, pencil , pen, eraser, photographs (if possible), colored pencils and markers

For Ages 6-8
Ask children to think about their favorite people (or animals) and why they like them so much. Ask them to make a list of what they like most about each of these people or animals. When they have finished, give them the print-out, "Friendship Passport". Now the fun begins! Children fill in the first blank with the name of their special friend. Then they can use the lines to write about the qualities of their special friend that they especially like. They can also draw pictures or stick photos in the spaces provided. Once the passport is completed, fold along the lines to create the finished Friendship Passport. Invite children to make a friendship passport for each of their friends if they want to. Make sure you have enough printouts.

Children can choose anyone to be their Special Friend, e.g., pets, siblings, parents, teachers, grandparents, etc.
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