Parents & Teachers
Putting on a Hat
Empathy, creative expression

Print-outs of the Jakers! characters, colored ribbons, markers, shoeboxes, paper towel rolls, glue, glitter, imagination, gift wrapping paper, pipe cleaners, and/or other decorative materials you can find

For Ages 5-7
Ask children to choose their favorite Jakers! character. Print out enough copies of the PDF so that each child has a copy of his or her favorite character. Then invite children to create something for that character. They might wish to make a hat or another item of clothing; they might choose to build a little scene in a shoebox for the character; maybe they will make a piece of furniture.

Let each child make whatever he or she wishes. Give them plenty of time to think about what they want to make and give them enough time to finish, even if they work over a few days. When children have finished drawing, building, and decorating ask them to dictate to you or to write down their thoughts about the character and why that character would like what the child has done.
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