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Uh! Oh! What Happens Next?
Curiosity, creating imaginative solutions to everyday problems

Print-outs of story templates, colored pencils and colored markers, imagination, pencils, erasers

For Ages 6-8
In this game, children see pictures of some of the Jakers! characters in a bit of "hot water". It's up to the children to figure out what they should do next! Print out copies of the four different scenarios so that each child gets to choose the one (or more) that he or she would like to complete.

Tell the children they are going to have the opportunity to help out some of their Jakers! friends who have gotten in a bit of trouble. Show them one of the print-outs and ask them what they see, to make sure they understand what is going on in the illustration.

Brainstorm with the children what they think should happen next. Encourage all the children to participate and don't allow any negative comments, even if one child thinks another child's idea is a bad one. Anything and everything goes in a brainstorming session, from the most practical ideas to the most fantastic. When children have finished explaining what they think should happen next in the example, let them choose the printout they would like to complete. They may choose one or more than one, as time allows.

The Four Scenarios
  1. Piggley was told not to eat the fresh baked pie, but couldn't resist. Now what?
    Piggley, Ferny and Dannan sitting at the dinner table
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  2. Ferny accidentally loses his dad's best watch. What should he do?
    Ferny loses his dad's watch
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  3. The boys want to pretend there is a banshee in the barn, but Dannan is afraid. What do you think she should do?
    Piggley scares Dannan
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  4. Ferny wants to study, but Piggley wants to play. What happens next?
    Piggley wants to play
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Continuation sheets

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