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Educational Philosophy Jakers! reflects the latest academic and psychological research which suggests that young children benefit substantially from exposure to storytelling. The series is created in consultation with educational advisor Iris Sroka, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist who has worked on numerous award-winning properties for young children and whose clients include Discovery Communications, Disney Channel, PBS, and Sesame Workshop, among many others.

"Oral storytelling such as Grandpa Piggley's tales of Raloo Farm inspires original, creative thinking in children," says Dr. Sroka. "Jakers! draws upon the rich heritage of storytelling and intergenerational communication to invite children into an imaginative, diverse world and engage young viewers in adventures that teach important life lessons."

Jakers! holds at its core the following educational goals:
  • To foster intergenerational communication: The storytelling tradition binds generations together emotionally and creates many opportunities for deep and rewarding cross-generational interaction. Children can learn family stories and help initiate new ones; cultural traditions and heritage can be explored; and values can be reinforced. Each "Meet the Grandparents" segment models communication across the generations.
  • To promote the international tradition of storytelling: Storytelling is a timeless tradition in all cultures and serves not only as entertainment, but also as a critical tool for keeping family history alive and preserving cultural values for succeeding generations. With the rise in sophisticated technologies, oral storytelling has become something of a waning art form. Jakers! is committed to supporting and encouraging the revival of this unique and rare genre.
  • To harness the power and potential of language: Early literacy skills are strengthened with recognition of new vocabulary and basic storytelling elements like sequencing and patterning, narrative structure and rhyme, rhythm and alliteration.
  • To help children develop their social skills: Episode storylines emphasize such essential skills and values as responsibility, honesty, respect for feelings and property, good citizenship and friendship, cooperation, self-esteem and more.
  • To harness the power of imagination by helping children consider inventive and constructive solutions to everyday situations: Many of the stories involve problem solving through creative thinking. The characters employ the cognitive tools of ingenuity, exploration and investigation, adaptation, risk-taking, and the acceptance of new ideas and relationships.
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