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Program Summary Jakers! raises the bar for state-of-the-art animated children's shows! Sophisticated, computer generated imaging (CGI) - previously seen only in feature films - allows life-like 3D characters to perform in richly colored, lush backgrounds providing a level of acting, timing and sophistication never before seen in children's programming.

The series follows the adventures of Piggley Winks, a spunky eight-year-old pig, and his friends, Dannan and Ferny, on Raloo Farm in Ireland. While the intrepid trio are enjoying their escapades - "Jakers!" is their oft-used Irish expression of amazement and delight - American transplant Wiley the Sheep is busy offering wild and woolly advice to his all-too-sheepish flock. In an act of "shear" comic genius, renowned funnyman Mel Brooks voices the role of Wiley (an Emmy-nominated performance in 2005!).

The top and tail of each episode feature Piggley in the present day as a grandpa, telling these stories of childhood shenanigans as entertaining lessons in life to his three contemporary, rambunctious city-dwelling grandpigs.

Whether they're fishing for the salmon of knowledge, trying to turn donkeys into racehorses, or finagling to get out of doing chores, Piggley, Dannan and Ferny will find a way to turn the familiar into the utterly fantastic. Sometimes they figure things out on their own, and sometimes they need the help of their parents, siblings, friends, and/or schoolteacher.

Through Grandpa Piggley's rousing stories, which vividly bring to life a childhood long ago and far away, his three modern-day grandpigs learn the vital lessons in life: the satisfaction that comes with hard work; how to deal with feelings of fear, anxiety or insecurity; the joy of using your imagination; appreciating everyone's unique talents; and, of course, the immeasurable value of a Grandpa's wisdom.

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