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Hear stories read by Grandpa Piggley. Turn the pages and follow the text to read along.
All Night Long Piggley, Ferny and Dannan want to go fishing with Mr. Winks. Are they responsible enough? Pie Filling Piggley's mother baked an apple pie. Can the kids wait until supper to eat it? Picture Perfect Piggley takes a funny picture but Ferny doesn't see the funny side. The Salmon of Knowledge Can the Salmon of Knowledge help Piggley to pass the test?


Play interactive games featuring the Jakers! characters.
Seesaw Heehaws Help Dannan to play seesaw with the animals. Players have to use equal weights to balance the seesaw. Teatime Tidy Up Mrs. Winks has asked Piggley to tidy up before dinner. Can you help him find all the missing toys? Colour In Use the paint brush to colour in the drawings of the Jakers! characters and then watch your masterpiece come to life! Fix It Help Piggley to put back together the broken objects. Which piece goes where? Sing Along Learn the Jakers! themetune in this interactive karaoke style sing-along. Jam with Wiley Make music with Wiley. Play the maracas, bongo drums, xylophone or guitar. Lost and Found Help Mr Hornsby locate the owners of the lost property. Farm Escape Help Piggley get the animals to the right home. Hurry there's not much time! Animal Pairs Test your memory in this match the animal cards game. Egg Collector The hens are ready to lay their eggs, but can you catch them all?


It's good to share! Send a special message to a friend or family with the Jakers! shareables.
My Jakers! Card Create and share your very own Jakers! Card like the ones for the Jakers! characters. Draw-Back Postcard Draw a picture and have it draw-back exactly as you drew it. Share it with your friends and family. Draw-Back Gallery From time to time the gallery will be open for submissions on special Jakers! occasions. At other times you can watch the drawings submitted by other kids. Jakers! E-cards Send a Jakers! themed e-card.

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