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Site Philosophy The Jakers! website was designed to provide a rich, playful and engaging online environment for children with an extensive section for parents and teachers. Piggley is our host and guide in a lively interactive adventure that extends the series' major educational curriculum touchstones:
  • The power of imagination
  • Developing social skills
  • Fostering intergenerational communication
  • Sharing lessons through storytelling
All games and activities on the site are developed in conjunction with an educational consultant to ensure appropriate content for the core 4-7-year-old audience - and just like Grandpa Piggley's tales of his youth, these fundamental life lessons always start with "fun!".

For parents and teachers, the website offers episode guides, downloadable activities and lessons that build on the program's ideals. The storytelling tradition at the basis of the television program can be expanded by caregivers using models of "dialogic" reading with children - stories made up of conversations between characters - including printable materials and recommended books and videos.

The website is updated regularly with new games, printables, activities and downloadables. There are themed promotions for Irish American Heritage month in March and Grandparents Day in September which feature lots of new and relevant activities for both children and adults to enjoy.
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