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"Combining vibrant animation, traditional values and some funny scenes....this series is joyful and refreshingly innocent"
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Why Storytelling?
Stories are firm favourites with children and adults alike, and have long been used by teachers to illustrate issues, work through problems, stimulate imagination, inspire creativity, develop communication skills, foster socialisation, and citizenship, and act as a means of raising children's self-esteem.

This exciting new education resource is brought to you by Entara Limited. A respected and experienced programme maker for young children, Entara provides a fresh look at storytelling and just as importantly story listening! Jakers! - The Adventures of Piggley Winks is a new animated series currently showing on the BBC and confirms the significant part stories play in contemporary education as part of your existing literacy, citizenship, speaking and listening strategies.

Written in association with practising teachers and education professionals, "Tell me a Story" Primary School Education Programme supports the fundamentals associated with storytelling. The resource uses the childhood adventures of Piggley Winks, a young pig and his friends in l950's rural Ireland in story format to demonstrate key aspects of:

  • Narrative patterns and structures
  • Physicality of language - rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration
  • Word choice and modification
  • Interpretation and improvisation
  • Listening & attentiveness
  • Visualisation and imaginative skills
  • Appreciation of the oral use of language
  • Awareness of historical and global cultures

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